Friday, January 29, 2010

Here are photos of all of my creations so far!

I thought that it would be nice to put a post of all of the creations that I have made so far. These are all on sale in my shop

Twiddle Blankets:

Babies love to cuddle & squeeze soft toys and blankets. They also love to keep their hands busy and twiddle constantly. My Twiddle Blankets are the best of both worlds. They have lots of textures & Twiddle tabs to keep little hands busy while still being soft and cuddly.

Your baby will love to feel the textures of not only the multi-textured blanket but also the numerous Twiddle tabs that surround this blanket on all 4 sides.

"John Deer" Twiddle Blanket

Unisex Twiddle Blanket - (doesn't have the twiddle tabs)

Unisex Twiddle Blanket

"Ladybug Surprise" Twiddle Blanket

Pacifier Clips:

Pacifiers are almost as critical to have as a bottle at times. There is nothing worse than your baby crying in the store because they dropped their pacifier. Don’t let that happen to you again. Purchase this pacifier clip and your baby’s pacifier will be within reach at all times.

Diaper Wipes Holder:

"Tweet Dreams" Diaper Wipes Holder

Diaper Wipes AND Diaper Holders:

These are adorable wipes AND diaper holder. How perfect for those quick trips into the store when you don't want to carry your whole diaper bag. never have to dig around in your diaper bag for wipes and that loose diaper in the bottom again.

"Pink Polka Dot Dream" Diaper wipes AND diaper holder

"Take me to Zoo" Diaper wipes AND diaper holder

Infant Quilts:

My infant quilts are lovely patchwork quilts. They are backed with soft and cuddly white fleece. I zigzag stitch all of the seams for added durability. These quilts are warm and cozy to snuggle up with or make a great play mat with all of their various patterns, colors, and textures.

White and Black Flowers Cotton Infant Quilt

Lime Green with Red Ladybugs and Black with Lime Green Polka Dots Flannel Patchwork Quilt

John Deer Cotton and Denim Patchwork Quilt

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