Monday, January 18, 2010

1st Sale on

So yesterday I had my 1st sale on I sold my Georgia the Giraffe that is posted in the previous posting. She is going to a great home in Georgia to a little baby that was recently adopted from Ethiopia.

When I got the email that my 1st item from my shop was bought I got a rush of emotion. I was very touched and extremely excited. I have sold items in the past but man what a rush to sale something online. Hopefully it is the start of something great.

For all those who make homemade items hang in there. Your 1st sale will come. It took me almost a month before my 1st item sold. I do have some tips though for those who sale on Repost and renew often. Join in on the forums, especially the critique board. This is a great way to get fellow etsians to take a look at your shop. Also, ask others to critique your photographs. I thought that I had some decent ones at first until I had others critique them. I followed a lot of their guidance and direction and noticed a huge difference in the amount of views and hearts that I got. This is especially true for the items that I photographed using my light box that I made. I have a link to a tutorial in one of my posts labeled light box. Good luck everyone.

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  1. Congrats!! on your sale. I wish you many many more. My blog is working now and I did build that light box and it came out great!!