Thursday, February 25, 2010

Want to win one of my pacifier clips?

Want to win one of my adorable pacifier clips? I have been featured on follow the steps on this blog to enter to win! Good luck!!!!!! It is for a choice of any one of the pacifier clips in my shop so mommies of little boys can enter for achance to win too!!!! Deadline is March 7, 2010. Again.... good luck

Here are just a few of the designs that I have in my shop

Monday, February 22, 2010

Aliens and Spaceships Oh My - please vote on your favorite

Who doesn't love aliens and spaceships? I entered my Aliens and Spaceship themed item into the EtsyKids design challenge. Please take a moment to vote on your favorite which I know will be mine :)

Here's a photo of my entry it's entry #19:

Voting is from Sunday, February 21st - Saturday, February 27th at EtsyKids blog

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulous Feature - Cindy Williams - EmbroideryByCindy

Hello there. I just recently joined Team EtsyKids. There is a wonderful group of talented ladies who make items for infants and children. It amazes me how much talent there really is. People say that sewing and crafting is a lost art but these ladies in this team debunk that myth.

I am going to start doing features on the members in the group. Please check out this featured etsian and pass the info along if you like her work.

I interviewed Cindy Williams for this weeks interview. She is the shop owner of EmbroideryByCindy. She is so talented. I love embroidery and the fact that you can personalize her products! I love personalized baby items. If you have a facebook page please become a fan or her work at You can also contact her via email.

My favorites from her shop

(click photos for listing and additional photos)

Applique Goldfish Shirt or Onesie - Embroidered Personalized Whale Applique Shirt or Onesie - Embroidered Personalized Custom Guitars Shirt or Onesie - Personalized Embroidered Applique

It was so hard to pick just a few of my favorite items because she has so many adorable outfits. She also sells bibs and burp cloths.

Interview Questions

Here is what Cindy had to say :)

What made you choose to start your business?
I wanted to make cute things for my daughter to wear, and soon started also making things for her friends. After a lot of encouragement from friends/customers I listed some items on Etsy and have had a lot of success there.

How long have you been crafting and/or running your business?
1 year

What inspires your creations?
Holidays, special events, things that my daughter likes, customer ideas

Do you have children of your own? Is so, what kinds of things have you created for them?
I have a 2-year-old daughter. I have made her birthday shirts as well as shirts for every major holiday, eg. Halloween pumpkin, Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas tree, Valentine heart.

What is your typical workday for your business?
I check email/orders in the morning, and then embroider items during my daughter’s naptime. I sometimes spend a part of the afternoon or evening finishing up orders, or I get caught up on them during the weekend.

What does your studio space look like?
I have a desk setup in our guestroom for my embroidery machine, with a dresser beside it to store my blanks and fabrics.

What do you do to get in the creative mood/groove?
Whenever my daughter takes a nap I retreat to my sewing room.

What are 3 words that you would use to describe your creations?
Cute, Fun, Unique

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?
cupcake shirt -- I made it for my daughter’s best friend’s upcoming birthday. It has fluffy chenille for the “frosting” and 3 candles.

(Click photo for listing and additional photos)

What are you most popular items?

Big/Little Brother/Sister sets, and Birthday Number shirts

(Click photos for link to listing and additional photos)

What is your most memorable sale?
A local boutique found my Etsy shop and ordered several valentine heart shirts to sell in their store.

What is the best advice that you have for someone looking to sell their creations?
Relist/renew something on Etsy at least once per day to keep your shop visible. Participate in the Etsy forums. Start a page for your business on Facebook and post pictures of your finished projects, new designs, etc. Join a group, such as EtsyKids.

Rockets and Aliens Oh My! 0 - 3 month onsie

This is my newest creation! It turned out awesome. I am making this for my son next :)
The listing can be found here. Please check it out. I can make this is different styles and different colored fabric so please let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1st Large Wholesale Request

So I just had my first wholesale request for my pacifier clips. They are looking at purchasing 50 of a variety! That would be awesome. Now to just figure out a fair price for both of us......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Had my 3rd Sale! Woohoo

I had my 3rd sale! She bought all 3 of these items. I am so excited. I did the *happy dance* once again. I also got a message asking to be able to do a review of my etsy shop for a feature on another website! Today has really been a boost to my self-confidence and ego :) I hope the good news keeps on coming.

My Little Craft Space

I love looking at other peoples studio space so I thought that I would take some photos of mine. Me, my husband, son, and fur baby all live in a small one bedroom apartment in the upstairs of a house so we don't have a lot of room for my crafts. I have also had to get inventive when it comes to storage and getting the most stuff I can in my space. My space is in a corner of the living room behind the couch :) It is kind of a mess but it is an organizational work in progress. Enjoy! I wanted to show some ways to make space for your crafts even if you don't have a big separate studio.
This is a magnetic white board that I decorated up in order to be more inspiring. It just took some hot glue and ribbon to make it prettier. I also decorated all of the containers that I use in order to hold my stuff from current projects. I can write notes on it and keep things attached. I just hung this up today. I am excited to start to use it.
My little labeled plastic containers. I can't find anything if there isn't a label on it.
My sewing machine. It is on an end table because there isn't enough room for a craft table. It works out for me. I like having the drawer right there.