Friday, March 26, 2010

Raspberrykidz Feature

Rachel Switall is the owner of the Raspberrykidz. She has an etsy shopand a website. She creates the most adorable artwork inspired by children's artwork. She takes artwork that her children draw and turn them into computer- generated artwork. She prints some parts of the picture twice, cuts out the specific shapes and then applies the finished piece with poster tape to create a 3D effect. She can take YOUR CHILD'S ARTWORK and create a breath-taking professional looking piece of artwork to frame. What an awesome idea for grandparent gift :) When my son starts drawing actually pictures rather than just his few scribbles now, Raspberrykidz is going to be my go to place for christmas and mother's day gifts. She describes her shop as whimsical, charming, and unique. I have to totally agree with her there. Check out her shop to see if you agree.

Rachel started her business 7 years ago because when her son was born, she created the computer-generated pictures for other moms in his group as a personalized gift. These pictures become popular to give to new moms and for birthday. When her son Ethan began to draw his pictures became the subject of her computer-generated pictures. Before she knew it other moms wanted her to 'transform' their child's artwork into professional looking, color, matted prints and her business grew and evolved into what it is today.
Rachel said that her children, Ethan (7 years old) and Samantha (5 years) are the inspiration for her work. They love when she takes their pictures and makes them into computer prints. She said, "They are especially excited when they are displayed in the library or a coffee shop. And they absolutely love when I sell one!"

Rachel's studio space is a small loft off of her bedroom. She just walks up a seven- step ladder and she's at her office. She has her laptop setup on her dad's old drafting table. She is able to do her computer work and her crafting in the same space. I think this would be a wonderful setup. I think it would inspire me to be creative :)

When asked what her typical workday is for her business she responded:
"I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I take the kids to school first. When I come home, I make my specialty, an extra-hot mint mocha, and I head up to my loft. I check my emails to see what I have to do. I also started a magazine at my kids' school, so I work on that as well. And I have started a magazine that goes to 5 different schools in Chicago, all based on student work, so I have to do a lot of work on that (mostly securing advertisers to keep it going). Along with these things, I teach an after school art class and am working on putting together a school cookbook, so actually Raspberrykidz isn't a huge part of my day. If I get more orders, I'm hoping that will change."

According to Rachel, her most memorable sale was the recent sale of "Jenna's Best Day". It was based on a picture that her son drew. He named it "Jenna's Best Day" even though he didn't know a Jenna. A woman bought it and wanted the name somewhere on the picture because her daughter's name was Jenna, and it looked just like her!
Her most popular items are normally custom work based on people's children's drawings but "Jenna's Best Day" is pretty popular too. He favorite item in her shop is "Butterfly girls." It is based on a picture that her daughter drew. She loves it because it just makes her smile when she looks at it.

Please check out Raspberrykidz and think of them the next time your child draws a picture that you love and would like to turn into a one of a kind piece of art.


  1. That is such a cool idea. I love how she adds such vibrant colors to the pieces. Her shop is adorable.

  2. I really like that! What a great idea.

  3. We have several Raspberrykidz, and they are awesome! One was a picture my daughter drew on a napkin. That kind of thing isn't always something you can save, but now it's a wonderful piece of artwork thanks to Rachel. Great feature on a fantastic artist!

  4. Lauren,
    How wonderful that you have several of her things. I can't wait to get some from her when my son draws more than just random lines :)

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  6. Parabéns...excelente trabalho...
    Congratulations..... good work...beautiful