Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Little Craft Space

I love looking at other peoples studio space so I thought that I would take some photos of mine. Me, my husband, son, and fur baby all live in a small one bedroom apartment in the upstairs of a house so we don't have a lot of room for my crafts. I have also had to get inventive when it comes to storage and getting the most stuff I can in my space. My space is in a corner of the living room behind the couch :) It is kind of a mess but it is an organizational work in progress. Enjoy! I wanted to show some ways to make space for your crafts even if you don't have a big separate studio.
This is a magnetic white board that I decorated up in order to be more inspiring. It just took some hot glue and ribbon to make it prettier. I also decorated all of the containers that I use in order to hold my stuff from current projects. I can write notes on it and keep things attached. I just hung this up today. I am excited to start to use it.
My little labeled plastic containers. I can't find anything if there isn't a label on it.
My sewing machine. It is on an end table because there isn't enough room for a craft table. It works out for me. I like having the drawer right there.

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